Gesunde Haarpflege: Wieso Du ein Shampoo ohne Silikon brauchst!
We women love our hair. Long or short, they show everyone else not only what we like, but also how we feel and many traits. For facial care, sports or clothes, we are happy to give you other tips, but the topic of hair is not so current and is neglected. Who else but yourself should know what our beautiful mane needs. From the styling to the hairdresser’s visit, we hold the helm in our hands. But more important than anything else is how we treat the hair in the shower. Honestly, do you know what’s in your shampoo? HederaVita takes you for a brief moment into Rapunzel’s world and tells you what you should rather keep your hands off. First of all:Shampoos with silicone.

What are silicones?

Silicones are chemically produced plastics. In these plastics, also called polymers, there are numerous mixed variants in the laboratories. Most companies are increasingly using lighter silicones thanks to many ailments such as itching or redness. Shampoos with heavy silicones were also difficult to wash off the hair.

This is how a shampoo with silicone affects our hair

If you take some time for a head massage under the shower, you know that the hair is more supple when you’re done. Those who use a shampoo with silicone, should be aware of the following: Shampoos with silicone can not penetrate into the hair cell , so you massaging more or less for nothing. Nevertheless, the hair may appear more supple and shiny, for a simple reason. Since the shampoo can not penetrate into the hair cell, it is simply sheathed. Although this may seem great for a short time, our mane will not benefit in the long run. One advantage is said: silicone can withstand a lot of heat! Whether with the hair dryer or straightener, by the sheathing, no damage can occur in the hair cells.
Sounds great? We have not revealed everything yet. Since the care of a shampoo with silicone can not penetrate into the hair, the hair is flat. Of course, styling and sprays can bring everything back into shape, but is that the purpose of a shampoo? Another point: hair, especially thin hair fat even faster back. This is exactly the problem faced by most people who use shampoos with silicones.

Should I use it anyway?

Basically, if you have more brittle and frizzy hair, your hair looks slightly better with light silicones. Important: The hair looks only better visually, so it is not maintained. Fine and rather powerless hair not only loses volume with a shampoo with silicone, it damages the hair cell massively.
We at HederaVita therefore recommend that you always use shampoos without silicones, no matter if you have fine or brittle hair. But before you run into the shower and throw away all your stock, we’ll show you which products you can use to not only replace your stock, but even top it!

PS Of course HederaVita has shampoo without silicone!

beautiful well-groomed hair with shampoo without silicone

Nothing tops Argan

Even though one has heard enough about the Moroccan plant by now, HederaVita is always enthusiastic about this natural wonder drug. What Moroccans have known in Europe only about ten years ago has always been known by Moroccans: Argan makes you beautiful! Especially the hair benefits from the magic plant. It provides intensive moisture, ensures long-lasting suppleness and produces a balanced scalp flora. The Argan Shampoo by HederaVita is perfect for dry and damaged hair.

We promise: After only a few applications, you will feel the power of argan oil, because it gives your hair new vitality!

With zeolite against dandruff

Zoelithe should sound like a foreign word to most people. The special compound that belongs to the framework silicates has triggered a kind of hype among researchers. Whether for strengthening the immune system or as a cancer remedy, zeolite in capsule form is widely used. It also serves its purpose for the hair. The HederaVita anti-dandruff shampoo removes stubborn dandruff, cleanses the scalp and regulates sebum production. Because dandruff is often associated with greasy hair, it also solves this problem through the special reaction with warm water.

We promise: After just a few applications you will be dandruff-free from the beginning to the tips !

Herbal Power for lifeless and oily hair

The Herbal Power Shampoo by HederaVita, which incidentally also smells incredibly good contains as the name already reveals quite a lot of herbs and macadamia oil. But we would like to highlight one of these herbs: Marigold.
Marigold has been a tried and tested means of hair and scalp care for centuries. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, regulates sebum production and reduces fast greasing. The shampoo is therefore suitable for virtually every hair type!
If you’re the every day hair washing guy , that’s history with our herbal power shampoo. With this you can make it guaranteed for three days, without you feel uncomfortable.

We promise: For thin and lifeless hair, this is the salvation! Your hair will look voluminous and gorgeous. The additionally contained macadamia oil additionally provides the Hollywood glamor par excellence!

So, HederaVita hopes to have convinced you to turn your back on shampoos with silkonen. The renunciation we are worth! We wish you a HÄRRLICHE time and have fun hair care.
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